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flowchart: which social answer site is right for you?
tunisian government injects JS into facebook pages
solve a puzzle, get hired by facebook? and facebook’s arcitecture
simple JS module patterns
episodes and boomerang for event based performance metrics
understanding git
stanford encyclopedia of philosophy
long now seminars
baen cds


scale of the universe
understanding git
facebook for phishing

lunches, figments, old stars and remodels

old stars
red bag

sarcastic comments

Some of these would make great away status messages:

I’m not ignoring you I just lost interest
if I promise to miss you will you go away?
I promise to be nicer if you promise to be smarter
you almost made me cry but then you left
I’m not listening but go on… I enjoy how your voice makes my [...]

js unit testing

This may turn into reviews soon but for now here’s a post listing javascript unit testing libraries:

qunit from the guy who says “javascript unit testing does not scale“
riotjs a port of a ruby test harness, which I think is a riot
evidence another from a ruby/python guy, from all the evidence I could gather.
jsmock which I [...]