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js unit testing follow up

I admit to being one of those people who has scratched their heads and said “javascript? How do you test it?”  What that meant to me, of course was “how do you automate testing?”
Certainly as my client side code has increased in complexity, I’ve moved towards more structured and repeatable ad hoc testing, driven by [...]

css-like selectors to create html
*3 means repeat 3 times
$ means “insert iteration number here”

json validation

Some guy James wrote a package of json utilities for .net.  I don’t do .net but there’s still something really interesting in this package… a json schema language and validation implementation.  I can’t find specs for the schema language, but here’s the project page, docs for the json .net classes, and a demo of the [...]

kanban for software

A couple articles on the kanban variation on agile:
I think the appeal for me lies in this description of how the scrum is different:
Instead of the regular meeting ritual [scrum] of checking in with each person to find out what they worked on yesterday and will work on today, the discussion revolves around the Kanban [...]