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prototypes in javascript for image onload handlers

All this was trying to get it so all subsequent images created in a document would have a onload handler already setup (yes you guessed it I was trying to spy on a metrics library).
This works:
var t = new Image();
t.onload = function(){alert(’yes’)};
does not work
Image.prototype.onload = function(){alert(’yes’)};
var t = new Image();
this works in that you get [...]

visual metaphor for projects thrashing process

git is awesome

I’ve been tinkering with git and github.  Here’s an intro to git:
Here’s a git cheat sheet:
Some docs:
And some more docs (with info on fast forwards):
My github page:
A git book online:


Cross origin resource sharing is a browser standard that lets you get around the script tag or iframe hacks for accessing web service content hosted on another domain.
Here’s the spec:
Firefox and webkit browsers switch to CORS anytime you ask for an XHR to another domain, but the XHR interface is the same.  IE8 has [...]

thinking about hiring

Every tech team needs a russian lit major

Maybe you need a free electron too.
Which ladder are you on?