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It’s the processing API ported to javascript and implemented in canvas.  Let the fun begin.

discovering YQL

A co-worker started using pipes, which is awfully cool, then someone else stumbled on YQL, which I think pipes is a front end for.  YQL imagines the web as a giant database, with tables defined for diffferent web services, for search results, for HTML documents… it’s crazy.

yql article at ajaxian
rss aggregating query (console / json)

select [...]

processing for javascript

balldroppings, a philip glass constructor.
processing js samples.  A lot were done as chrome experiments.

the kiss

google stuff

Into a land weary of dojo versus jquery debates comes a masked stranger… or is it more accurate to call this the singularity where the oleph is jacked into the net?
Some other google stuff I’ve been wanting to look at:
The friend API (opensocial based tools).  We thought facebook was killing myspace but it’s really just [...]

bands that archive live shows

they might be giants

find your perfect match

Please click the image to visit the awesome site this is from:

live goeometry

It’s a geometry modeling tool that runs in the browser.
I think compass and ruler construction is just an amazing intersection of the practical and the ideal, mathematical proof and hand work. Here’s a list of starter constructions.
Live geometry lets you create the circles and lines you need to have in order to do a [...]


Book Hunter: hard boiled detective story for hard core bibliophiles.

sticky notes using webkit’s version of gears

I don’t know why but this implementation of sticky notes really brought home the potential of client side data storage for me.